Disrupt the current startup model

Over the last 15 years we have worked with hundreds of startup who follow the same broken model yielding poor returns for its stakeholders making it more and more difficult to source early stage capital.  


Our goal is to change the model:






1. Burn rate to bring products to market is too high

2. CEOs are incensed to maximize capital raised versus focusing on delivering the best quality product in the most efficient timeline possible

3. The incentive framework does not position the design process to focus on designing the devices for manufacturability - the focus is on early exits vs. delivering a solution to improve healthcare as quickly as possible


1. Align and maintain incentives for all stakeholders (founders, employees, investors, strategic partners)

2. Leverage an existing infrastructure to efficiently develop novel technologies to maximize value for acquisition in a compressed timeframe

3. Focus on design for manufacturing saves development time and reduces cost post acquisition on potential manufacturing transfers for strategic acquisition partners 

The key to our company culture is the foundation for future innovation