Accelerating Healthcare Solutions


With our understanding of what is required to accelerate a technology from napkin sketch to commercial success, we partner with entrepreneurs, innovators, and physicians to help drive their innovative technologies by leveraging our infrastructure to effectively and efficiently bring these devices to market to improve the quality of people’s lives.


Our Process

Innovators seeking assistance

Innovators who have a patent pending or issued technology seeking assistance from a full life cycle partner who can fabricate early stage/ pre-seed money prototypes, generate business documents to raise capital, raise capital, design and develop, manage FDA submission and approval along, manage clinical work.


Volare evaluates an innovators technology and if it meets our guiding criteria both parties will form a Joint Venture/ Company around the the technology.  Both parties are equity holders in company and are equally diluted during funding rounds.


Volare seeks technologies that have:

  • Patents pending or granted core intellectual property
  • Clear regulatory path
  • Clear reimbursement path
  • A clear clinical need driving user and clinical demand for the product

Value Creation

Each new joint venture leverages Volare’s infrastructure for the product development process, facility, quality system, etc. The model incentives for the joint venue partners as we as Volare and all stakeholders.


Benefits for Joint Venture Partners:

  • Reduced Development Costs
  • Vested Product Development Team
  • Development Expertise & Infrastructure/ Design for Manufacturability